Tracie is a Georgia-based Life Coach and Author, focusing on teaching married mothers how prioritize their needs without sacrificing the needs of their families.

The Background Story 

Tracie - The Rejuvenated Mother, Life Coach, and Author.

First and foremost, Tracie is an individual who has been blessed to be a wife and mother. She is the author of Dear Self, Please Forgive Me: A Woman's Guide to Self-Love and Forgiveness. In the book, she discusses being defeated by feelings of depression, self-loathing, and self-hatred. Using her experiences in the form of letters, asking her younger self for forgiveness; she provides strategies of how to overcome those feelings.

As the of Coach Reclamation of Self After Commitment, Tracie teaches married mothers how to eliminate the guilt of prioritizing themselves so that they can show up as happier wives and mothers. Throughout the program, they learn how to identify unhealthy habits they want to break and reveal things that have been keeping them from showing up for themselves as they would for everyone else. She helps them ignite passions and dreams and reclaim their power through rekindling the love for themselves. By the end of the program, married mothers are able to walk into a newness that allows them prioritize their needs while still being able to keep the needs of their families at the top of their list.

How is she able to do this?

Tracie is able to do this because she was that married mother who had some deep rooted negative patterns that affected the way she operated and showed up for herself and her family. She was always tired and burned out, never able to voice her feelings and emotions. Instead, she showed up angry, irritated, and frustrated. Her husband hated to come home from work, her children were scared to approach her, her friends rarely invited her out. Instead of recognizing that that needed to work on herself, Tracie was too busy trying to manipulate and change the people around her. She was too busy looking for the "Yes, woMAN" in everyone else. She was too busy filling everyone else's cup, never filling her own. 

What changed?

Tracie lost her job during COVID and being stuck in the house, with even more resentment, she was forced to take a long hard look in the mirror. She was emotionally and mentally drained and had hit the bottom of rock bottom. She was done. Tracie was so empty that she had nothing but room to fill. And so she began to do the work. She began to change her mindset, her pattern of thinking, her ways of dealing with herself. She allowed herself to be vulnerable and she wrote out everything she needed to let go of. Giving birth to Dear Self, Please Forgive Me. The feeling of freedom that Tracie felt needed to be felt by every woman who was holding herself hostage. Giving birth to Reclamation of Self After Commitment. The rest is history.

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